Common Rejection Responses When You Ask Her Out

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Getting into the game was a rough experience. When I first started cold approaching random girls it didn’t matter how many motivational books or positive thinking mindsets I tried to embody, I still felt like shit when girls rejected my offer to hang out. This meant that I passed on many subsequent approach opportunities due to the fear of rejection.

Here are common rejection responses I’ve received:
“I don’t know”
“Umm I don’t think so”
“I can’t because I have to do xyz”
“………” (Doesn’t say anything, looks sheepish/blushes/uncomfortable)”
*Shakes head*
*Ignores you/pretends she didn’t hear you*
“Sorry I don’t know what you’re after but I have a boyfriend”
“I’m here all the time, come visit me then”

I listed these responses with the hope of reducing your fear of approach. Accept the presence of fear and try to imagine asking a girl out and receiving the responses above. My rejection is now your rejection. Now her response won’t come as a surprise. I believe that visualising rejection has a similar efficacy to exposure therapy and is ultimately more effective in helping you to continue approaching than just ‘being positive’. Simply put, the idea behind exposure therapy is exposing yourself to situations you fear to reduce or better cope with them.

I accept that I am human and experience fear. But by exposing myself to rejection now I am strengthening myself and dealing with fear like a man. I will not let it stop me from approaching.


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