How To Make A Latina Laugh

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Latinas are cute, bubbly, and will probably smother you with more affection than every local girl you’ve ever dated combined. Therefore, I want to share with you my favourite ways to make a girl from South America laugh.

The first is when you are talking about music. Mention that you know a a bit of Spanish from some hit music you listened to. Here’s how the rest of the conversation could go:

Latina: “What song?”
You: “Despacito. You know it?”
Latina: “Hahah wao…. Ah yeas. So nicee.” XP
You: “So during the chorus the singer goes ‘Burrito Burrito’ a few times” (Smile cheekily and sing the words as you say them. Sing the melody before it if you remember.)
Latina: “Hahaha nou he say ‘Pasito a pasito’!” XP

The other way is to tell her that when you were younger you and your friends used to dance and sing along to Gasolina by Daddy Yankee. Everyone thought it was a fun song about gasoline. Then ask her what the song means.

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