The Best Daygame Advice I Have For Beginners

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The most valuable advice I can give a beginner to daygame is to feel the fear and just make the approach anyway.

When you see a girl you like open her by asking for her opinion or assistance on something in your immediate environment. Do your best to keep the conversation going. Ask her if she wants to continue the conversation at a later date if she asks you a personal question. Then get her number if she says yes. Any answer that isn’t yes is a no. Afterwards log your cold approaches and critically analyse them to improve for next time.

If you are new to the game, the chances a date will materialise are low. But the beauty of this approach mindset is the chance of bumping into a girl who likes your look. You’ll likely get a free pass on any leaky game you may have. And if you ask her out, there’s a chance you’ll get the date.



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