The Best Day Game Venue In The Melbourne CBD

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Follow the flow chart below to decide where to go. My opinion is that Woolworths Melbourne Central (Metro) and the Professors Walk Cafe at the University of Melbourne (during University Semesters) are the best daygame venues in the Melbourne CBD. This is because of the consistent high turnover rate (and hence quantity) of solo girls 5/10 and above, and the logistical setup making it very easy/natural to approach girls. We know game is a numbers game and hence these venues allow you to approach a large quantity of girls in a short amount of time.



* I define passive daygame as reading a book or doing work on your laptop in a café/library and only approaching when you see a target nearby. In contrast, proactive daygame (ie if you said ‘no’ to the passive daygame) is where you walk around until you find a target to open.
** The University of Melbourne university semester for undergraduate students generally runs from February-May and July-October.

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