The Worst Text Message I Have Ever Received

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A few months back I met a girl at work. We were both new starters at a retail store, and I took an immediate liking to her. During training our eyes locked a little longer than necessary and our bodies brushed against each other a few times. She didn’t recoil. Having done so much cold approaching I was hopeful to finally meet a girl in a ‘normal’ way. Afterwards, I turned on the charm mobile and engaged her with some light joking and story telling portraying myself as the adventurous, enigmatic bad boy she needed to tame.

I passed work on one of my off days and noticed her floating around the counter. After grabbing a piece of stationery for purchase I made a beeline for the counter. Following some small talk I gathered up some courage and asked her out.  She agreed and verbally gave me her number.  I later texted her asking how she was. This was her response a few hours later:

“….I’ve been good, hope you’re well. Look, couldn’t really have this convo whilst standing at the till yesterday but I’m not interested in anything. Pls don’t take it to heart, you seem like a nice guy and I have terrible taste in men so this is a good thing. Cheers,..”

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