You Are Made of Dust And Will Be Dust Again

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How many times have you put off approaching a cute girl with the excuse that you’ll do it another day? Tomorrow is an illusion. Tomorrow you will feel the same anxiety that cold approaching inevitably brings. The feeling will never truly disappear.

There is no guarantee that in a few years you will have the same level of horniness to cold approach. No guarantee you will retain the same mental acuity or physical health. At that point, imagine the regret you will feel of never being able to feel the touch or the longing gaze of a woman ever again. The feeling of what could have been – the bang, the relationship you could have had, if you’d accepted your fear and put yourself on a girls radar.

Time passes by so quickly. Think back to the significant events in your life and how quickly they passed. Your school formal, graduation, all your Birthdays which seemed so significant at the time are just memories, and more will be come. Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan annihilated cities and created some of the largest empires the world had ever seen. Yet time came for even them to depart this world.

So the next time a pretty girl crosses your path, take a deep breath. Make the approach and say the words.







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